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Dear shooters and friends of IPSC shooting!

It is a great honor for us to inform you and  to introduce you to an absolutely unique shooting event, which we are currently preparing for you for 2018. In 2018 we will celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the CZ EXTREME EURO OPEN Match (EEO), certainly the largest Level III IPSC Match in the World. Due to the celebrations of this EEO 10th Anniversary, we decided to expand for 2018 the name of our match as X. EXTREME EURO OPEN - 1st UNIVERSE SHOOT 2018 MATCH.

The Main Match will be run in 6 days, from which each shooter will shoot 5 days only. The 18, 19, 20 of June will be the competition days, following with the day off on June 21st for all the participants. The shooting competition will resume again on June 22 and will commence on June 23. For the first time worldwide, it will be used a totally new revolutionary time schedule allowing us to run 3 shifts per day with a six stages per shift. The new epoch-making schedule will allow us to run 1150 participants in the Main Match! This extraordinary shooting match will be repeated once every three years. With its size, participation and organization, it will surely match the biggest IPSC Matches in the world! Please be assured, we intend to runthe CZ Extreme Euro Open Match for you year after year as usual. The main registration for this X. EXTREME EURO OPPEN 2018 - 1st UNIVERSE SHOOT 2018 MATCH will be launched as usual, on November 1, 2017. 

Please, be aware !!!

The advance match registration for this X. EXTREME SHOOT 2018 - 1st UNIVERSE SHOOT 2018 Match will be already open for interested shooters during this years IX. CZ Extreme Euro Open 2017, that is, you can sign up for the match and pay the starting fee in cash! The entry fee for this event is set at 300 Euros. The higher starting fee will be reflected in an extraordinary experience on the modernized shooting range in Hodonice, which will be prepared for your maximum comfort.

We are convinced that all of you participants can expect a totally unique and unforgettable shooting and social experience!.


Ing. Lubor Novák
Milan Trkulja
Match Directors of the X. ANNIVERSARY EXTREME EURO OPEN 2018  and 1st UNIVERSESHOOT 2018

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